Book Review : Above the fold

If there could be “One book to rule them all” for novice Web designers, it would be “Above The Fold“. This book goes through every subject/niche of designing websites : from Designing itself to topics like Project Planning; Marketing, SEO, creation of Sitemap, Wireframes, Prototypes,etc.

Above the Fold - Brian Miller

History Of Web Design
(Illustrative chart on History Of Design)
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Book Review : Web Design – Navigation(Icon Series)

Web Design : Navigation (Icons Series) Cover
This sunday, As i went through my bookshelf, I found one of my oldest web-design books, “Web Design: Navigation (Icons)”. Although I purchased this book long back, I never got to review it on SPIDer. So, Here is a brief review of the same.

This inspirational book has around 180+ examples of websites that have a intelligent/innovative way of navigation.

Web Design : Navigation (Icons Series)


Well illustrated, with a short description of each site; This comes as a nice reference guide when we, as designers are lost and need a “unique” navigation technique.


Some sites shown in the book have gone through the process of redesign because of Flash Use!! Ouch! :(
Also,Authors could have included the code used for achieving navigations of the given sites.

Web Design : Navigation (Icons Series) Back

SPIDer Rewiew : 5/10

Indie Type: India’s First Ever Typography Fest

Indie Type Typography Festival
“Indie Type” is one of the kind, India’s First digital Type Fest, held over the Internet Launched with an intention of designing an Open type that can be used over the internet by any individual. The contest targets the unexplored medium of Digital type, which lacks design and legibility.

Each winner would be given a chance to have his or her own font updated and distributed across the Internet under a Foundry. One lucky team will also get a Frutiger Devnagri Font. The decision will be taken over a judge panel and online voting systems.

There have been various Typography Events across the globe and Indie Type will definitely create a global impact by redefining the perception of Digital Topography and Web Fonts in India.

For Schedule and More Details visit :

“Indie Type” is Powered by “Project Bryit”, Which is an initiative by Yellow Slice curated for crating awareness about great design and user centric design in Indian Market.

Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday SPIDer.

There is some news that I would like to share with you all.
Yellows slice is redesigning the whole SPIDer experience.
So in 2014, you will see SPIDer sport a new look, have new tutorials and a lot of creative codes.

SPIDer Birthday Cake

To celebrate, we made a Digital Christmas Tree for our readers in HTML5/CSS/JavaScript.
(Click here to view in Full Screen)

I want to thank you all for the love and support.
Wish you a Happy and Prosperous Festive Season.