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Typographic Magazine: 8 Faces

Web Designer Elliot Jay Stocks published a series of typographic magazines named "8 Faces". Each issue covers interviews from 8 renounced designers on their 8 favourite fonts. Being a type lover myself, I am a proud owner of 2 issues of the book, 6 & 8. Since the book was run over a limited print, the book is currently unavailable for purchase. This makes it a collectable for every design enthusiast.

Each book cleverly embosses design elements on its front cover. This truly embraces the physicality of the book.

Now that the book is renewed for a Kickstarter campaign, I feel it is the right time to review the previous editions of the books I own.

8 Faces Books - All Issues(Image source: 8 Faces Blog)

8 Faces:Book#6

This issue covers interviews in the form of essays from renounced designers, Simon Walker, Dan Rhatigan, Seb Lester, Nina Stössinger, Grant Hutchinson, Mike Kus, Eric Olson & Nicole Dotin.

8 Faces Typographic Issue#6 Cover

The foreword for this issue was written by one of my favorite designers, Craig Mod. I follow him on social media and it is through him that I came across these books.

Nina Stössinger

Responsive Web Design

8 faces - Seb Leater

Rating: 8/10

8 Faces:Book#8

The final issue of 8 Faces features interviews with magCulture founder Jeremy Leslie, Creative Characters author Jan Middendorp, Principal Designer at Adobe Type Robert Slimbach, non-Latin type expert Fiona Ross, designer / educator / writer Steven Heller, and type-designing duo Erica Jung and Ricardo Marcin of Pintassilgo Prints and Elliot Jay Stocks, and essays from Tim Brown and Christopher Murphy.

8 Faces #8 - Typographic Embossing

A Lookbook for Neutraface Slab was provided with each book #8. The promotional lookbook serves as a pure typographic inspiration.

Neutraface Slab Lookbook Front Cover

Neutraface Slab Lookbook

Neutraface Slab Lookbook

Rating: 8.5/10

PDF Editions

Every purchase of the book was accompanied by an e-book edition of the same. The splendid high-resolution artworks in the PDF editions make these a great read on an e-book reader like the iPad but it lacks support for .mobi and .epub formats.

One night I noticed that the artwork on the ebook made breathtaking reflections on my iMac screen, So I captured these moments with my camera.

Typographic Design over Reflection on iMac

8 Faces Book

8Faces Book


All the books were shipped through registered "Royal Post" and the packaging was flawless.

8Faces Collected:

8 Faces- Collected
(Image source: Kickstarter campaign)

Elliot has created a Kickstarter campaign for a new edition of 8 Faces. The hardback book will be a massive 500+ page edition covering a few selected interviews, typographic artworks and essays from previous editions and some new content. Eric Spiekermann, an award-winning type designer, will be writing the foreword for the book.

Since this project looks very promising, I have backed this project and I'm looking forward to being inspired by its content next year.

All the best Elliot!

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