Continuing my journey of building a Shopify theme, from scratch, my goal for today is to add some dummy content and add a basic look and feel to the theme. After successfully installing the Shopify developer tools (slate) and selecting the colours yesterday, the first thing I did today was set up the git repo for this project. Once that was set up, I planned to add some dummy content, images and create a mock online store of Origami Papers. Lastly, I added fonts and colour to the website.

Mock Store

I ideated and finally arrived at a conclusion to make a mock store of origami papers. Since I wanted the website to to look like one real store, I added some mock products and copy.

GIT repo for the project

The bootstrapped project already includes .gitignore file. This file contains list of files and folders to be ignored by GIT version control. Some of the critical files like .env.* contain critical data. Also, everyone knows there is no point of loading   node_modules folder on git. node_modules are node-js  would mean we would need to upload an entire universe to git (yes, the folder can become huge depending upon dependencies).

I created a new git repo on this link and will be using this link to open-source and share my entire code. Since there will be no developer working on the codebase,  and the codebase is fairly simple and straightforward, I plan to push most of my commits on master branch directly. I wouldn't recommend this way of working if there are any more than 1 developer on a single project and/or if the complexity of the project is higher than this one.

Since the local SSL certificates are of no use to the open source project, I have added all the key and crt files to be ignored by GIT (using gitignore)

Theme Name

Often times the most difficult task for a developer is to name a theme or a variable. We all as developers have gone through this phase in which we sometimes cant think of a better name for our pet-project. To be honest, I thought briefly and named the theme "psynth" (From the two words Psychedelic Synth-pop, which go well with the theme decided). I also designed a graphic in illustrator (which I will later add in readme to add a bit of style to the theme).

... To be continued