Comic con: Mumbai 2016 & Campfire Graphic Novels Review

Comic con: Mumbai 2016 & Campfire Graphic Novels Review

Last month I had spent one weekend over Comic Con-Mumbai, an annual comic convention held usually in the last quarter of the year. The convention brings together the people with similar interests and hosts a cosplay competition. (A Cosplay is a person dressed up as a character from a film, book, or video game.) This year was my second year attending the convention and I bought a Super-Fan Pass which covered the 2 days of entry along with goodies like a fancy tote bag, cape, badge, pen, Doctor Strange Poster etc. The post follows some of the merchandise and comics bought during the convention.

Comic Con Mumbai 2016

This year, I bought some campfire novels,a coloring book for Adults, Supernatural (TV Series) Mug, a couple of stickers and a very interesting Shiva Poster.

It was fun catching up with Cosplays during the convention. People really put up a lot of hard work in preparing themselves for the cosplay competition.

Mumbai ComicCon 2016 - Mario Cosplay

Mumbai ComicCon 2016 - Cosplay

Campfire Graphic Novels: Books Review

I bought a couple of campfire comics during last year's ComicCon. They had also set up a kiosk this year. It is always inspiring to read stories of famous and well-known icons through the medium of comics, so I purchased a couple of more titles this year. I would recommend these books to anyone looking for ways to get inspired by real life icons through a medium of well-designed comics.

Including my purchases from this year, these are all graphic novels from Campfire I currently own:

  1. APJ Abdul Kalam
  2. Steve Jobs
  3. Krishna
  4. Hanuman
  5. Edison - Tesla - Bell
  6. Leonardo Da Vinci
  7. Ravana
  8. Crick & Watson

Campfire Comics -APJ Abdul Kalam, Steve Jobs, Krishna, Hanuman , Edison - Tesla - Bell, Leonardo Da Vinci, Ravana,Crick & Watson

Campfire Graphic Novels - Steve Jobs

Campfire Comics-Steve Jobs

Campfire Comics-Lord Krishna

Campfire Comics-Lord Krishna

Campfire Comics-Ravana

Two of the titles from above, Hanuman and Leonardo Da Vinci include a poster inside the book.

Designs by Rohit Soni

Rohit Soni is a very skilled illustrator and his kiosk at ComicCon showcased some of his purchasable artworks and books. For my love of coloring, I bought a coloring book for adults and 3 postcards from his kiosk. I am using these postcards as bookmarks.

Coloring Book For Adults-India

Lastly, I would like to end this post with a photo of mine, with the ComicCon Mumbai 2016 SuperFan Cape 😝

(All opinions and views are my own, All pics shot by me and my friends using iPhone SE)