Google Mobile Summit 2015

Last Month I had been in Bangalore for "JSFOO".

Since I had a extra Monday to kill,I thought of attending "Google For Mobile” Event.

Here are some of the most interesting Ideas,thoughts and insights form the event shared through some of my tweets.

Although Most of the topics were focussing mainly on Native Apps, Paul Kinlan embraced us with his expertise on Mobile Websites/Mobile Web Apps. Being a front end developer, This was one of my favorite talks.

Since I did not get an opportunity to answer my questions during the talk, I met him during the break.

Its in this event, Google announced that the minimum amount of in-app purchases will be INR 10 for Indian Play Store.

The Lunch, the Breakfast and the Location were absolutely great. Since The Conference Venue was off city limits, Busses were arranged till nearest Metro Stations.