Book Review : JavaScript 24 hour trainer

Published in December 2010, JavaScript 24 hour trainer is a beginner to mid level JavaScript book written by Net Tuts+ Author, Jeremy McPeak.

JavaScript 24 Hr. Trainer Book by Jeremy McPeak

The whole book is divided in in 3 sections: –

  1. Introduction to JavaScript
  2. Programming the Browser
  3. Handling Errors ,Debugging and Best Practices

At first, 43 Chapters can be very overwhelming for a beginner.But, Jeremy makes sure that chapters are small in length and easy to understand. Each Book Chapter compliments a Video Tutorial included in the DVD. A lot of times, the concepts taught inside book are repeated in videos too. But, Again this is to make sure that important and core concepts are well understood.

I would say i m pretty satisfied by the flow of information in the book and way Jeremy has complimented Videos with the book Chapters. For instance after explaining variables, objects, global and local scope he came down to window object and explained variables and global level functions are window object’s(global level) Properties and Methods. It’s always the flow of information in the book which makes it useful. I would say in terms of the flow,this book is excellent.

I really loved the 3rd part of book which deals with Optimisation and handling Errors.

Target Audience:

(or who will benefit most from this book)

  1. People who don’t know anything about JavaScript but have a working knowledge of HTML and CSS.
  2. People who have some basic knowledge of JavaScript,
  3. Since this is not a complete reference book on JavaScript and it starts with basics like variable,functions and other basic Concepts;Its not target to JavaScript Ninjas(or in other words,Pro JavaScript developers)

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