Training & Corporate Consulting

Training & Corporate Consulting

We live in an "Information Era", Every information that we need can easily be searched and consumed through various devices that we own. But having this power has made a lot of front-end developers pull their hair out while developing responsive websites that work across a plethora of devices and platforms. From form-factors to connection types to input mechanisms to browsers, the flourishing diversity of developing websites has made learning an absolute essential for every front-end developer. This is where I come into the picture and provide my skill and expertise in mentoring, coaching and training them to skillfully implement a Responsive website design in standards compliant Front end code using HTML5, CSS3, SVG and JavaScript.

One of the bone of contention from the designer's side is that the actual website UI is not implemented in the way they imagined it and falls behind their expectations. In such cases, I help the designers and developers to bridge the gap between them by suggesting tips and techniques that they can use to collaborate & achieve the design goals set by designers. My training sessions also help UI developers to improve their coding and aesthetic skills.

I help companies and agencies to grow by connecting the dots between design and code.

Available Courses

Some of the courses that I recently undertook for my clients are as follows. Each course was tailored to needs of clients and/or designers.

  1. PSD to Responsive HTML5,CSS3/4, SVG
  2. Web Animations using Greensock, Moo.js, CSS3 and Web Animations API
  3. Implementing a Scroll-interactive Website
  4. Responsive Web Design
  5. Design Course for Print Developers

Course for Print Designers

Some of the people who design websites these days come from "print design". Unlike print, where the dimensions are fixed and the designers have to work on 300 DPI images, Website design is altogether a different domain when it comes to design. We have concepts like fluid grids, break-points, content/mobile first approach, etc which are absolutely essential for any website designer to know. So, I also help them to transition to the web by training them the techniques and tools they can use to understand the medium and context of how their designs will be consumed.


The training session is usually done online or can be managed in a venue arranged by the client.

Converting a website mock-ups from PSD / AI / Sketch / Zeplin to Responsive HTML eloquently requires deep knowledge of a couple of things, namely: Progressive Enhancement, Performance Optimisation, SVG, Progressive Enhancement, Latest CSS layout techniques, CSS3, HTML5 Semantics, Accessibility and Web Animation Libraries. With ever-evolving web-standards, It's absolutely essential for any web design professional or an agency to keep themselves updated with the latest and the greatest in website front-end code. If you are looking out for improving your/ your developer's skills (or know of someone), feel free to reach me on [email protected] for further details.